Severe Effects Of Vaginal Infections


Vaginal infections are extremely common in women. However, when the itching and scratching occur due to a vaginal infection, many women usually accustomed to the breakouts often wait for it to clear itself out. Although there may be a number of reasons why many women skip treatment like saving money, waiting for it to clear itself out, and others, the reality is that there are severe consequences that come with it.

In this case here are some effects of vaginal infections:

Infertility problems

One of the most common effects that come with yeast infections is temporary infertility. With its outbreak common in many women, some even monthly, the feeling of discomfort, burning, and itching becomes so common that many just ignore it. However, when it comes to having an active yeast infection while trying to get pregnant, it becomes extremely hard. This arises as the pH levels rise due to infection, making the vagina hostile when it comes in contact with sperm.


In this case, if a woman notices a white discharge or any other form of vaginal discharge, it is advisable that they visit a gynecologist. This should be done even if other symptoms such as burning, itching, and scratching are not experienced.

Unpleasant odor

Another effect of vaginal infections is a semi-permanent unpleasant odor from the vagina. Although most times the smell is felt more by the one suffering from the infection, it sometimes can be smelt by others after long periods of sitting down or even after a long day. However, a fishy odor is usually noticeable during sexual intercourse even after bathing beforehand. The effects usually subside after a few days.

Permanent infertility

Chlamydia vaginitis is one of the most dangerous vaginal infections that a woman can suffer from. This is for the simple reason that this sexually transmitted disease is a silent, deadly infection. With the inflammation varying from one person to the next, most women will not get a discharge until it is too late. With most under the age of 25 years bleeding during sexual intercourse, the effects can be severe as it easily leads to infertility. Any symptoms that are not identifiable and come with some sort of inflammation should be checked on, in all sexually active women.

Change of posture

gdgd674With there being many reasons as to why one may suffer from vaginal infections such as a change in pH, hormone imbalance, and even STD, all these women are sure to suffer from discomfort. With the discomfort varying some experiencing soreness, swelling, itching and even burning, one sure thing across the board is a change of one’s posture to deal with the pain. However, by doing this repeatedly, one gets to change their normal posture, especially of sitting to be able to reduce the pain which causes other unrelated issues such as back pain.

Another ill effect of infections is the weakening of the vaginal muscles which leads to a loose vag. If you are wondering on how you can instantly make your lady part tighter and restore its firmness, visit the website